Influence Consumer Perceptions With Cigarette Design

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Resources & Machinery For The Tobacco Industry

TSAL supplies a wide range of NTMs, tobacco machinery, spare parts, cigarette rolling machines, and accessories. We strive to provide the best service and price for all kind of inquiries.

Capsule Filters

We supply a wide range of filters with different composition and sizes.

Artfully Crafted

Wide selection of different tastes are available in different forms such as single capsule, double capsules , TJNS Menthol Filter Rods, etc.

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Cigarette Paper

Even if you have the best tobacco, low quality cigarette paper can compromise success.

Fresh Design

Cigarette papers should be purely aesthetic, analytical and functional. Low quality cigarette paper can harm the consumer perceptions.

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Tipping Paper

Micro laser perforation allows better control of ventilation.

Perfect Ventilation

Improving consumer experiences with micro laser perforation which contributes to achieve perfection in ventilation control.

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From packaging design to final production, we work closely with our customers.


It is crucial to have a design that relates to your audience. We work hand-to-hand with you to achieve excellence in packaging design.

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Our Core Values

With a genuine passion for the tobacco industry, TSAL operates on a global platform, and are striving towards expanding the first-class service and expertise in the tobacco industry.

Creating Inspiring Designs

We strive to understand the preferences of adult consumers and to design cigarettes to meet them.


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